Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 Months and on the Move

Truly, I thought he would be motoring around a lot earlier and I am ever so grateful that he waited this long.

The Woo is roughly 21 lbs and 29 in.  It's a guess-timate because the embassy health unit doesn't give you one of those handy-dandy papers with all the stats and percentiles like the pediatrician's do.  All I know is that he is still big, way heavy, and wearing sizes anywhere from 12-24 months.

He is still eating like a champ and prefers big people food, has started noticing iPhones and remotes (and is DESPERATE for them), wants to get into everything his brother is doing, loves spending time with his 'Dija (our nanny/housekeeper), and sleeps pretty great.  Remember that screech I posted about a while back?  Well, that has gotten tons better since he started moving.  However, he definitely has (and uses) an entire register in his voice that his big brother has never discovered.

He hadn't been crawling for a day when he realized he could start pulling himself up.  We'll be shocked if he's not walking by his birthday.  Our house is totally safe for kids, especially ones learning to move: all marble and tile, lots of steps, drop-offs, and sharp corners.  There are many tears every day even with the help of gates and close supervision.
Pre-trim.  Always a cow-lick in the same spot.
Post-trim.  Good job, Gran!

You may have noticed the boy has a lot of hair.  G didn't need a haircut until he was 15 months, J was shaggy by 6 months.  Mom gave him a trim while she was here and he looks pretty grown up now.

Oh, and he may not know his real name.  "The Woo" has stuck, mainly because G can say it.  I'll be interested to see how long G especially calls him that.

Woo-woo: Your Mommy and Daddy love you so so much.  We can't get over how sweet and cute and loving and adventurous you are.  So glad we got you!

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  1. Oh I love him SO much!! I also love hearing that cute little voice. Mason moved about a foot mysteriously this morning. I'm afraid of a mobile baby. Here's hoping he doesn't have an appetite for princesses.