Monday, September 24, 2012

A Few Words Wednesday, Volume Monday

Well.  The good news is that while I haven't been blogging, we have had a fabulous summer.  I love statistics so I'm going to lay some out there. Actually, let me re-phrase that.  I love numbers, not to be confused with statistics, which I barely passed in college.

Since May 1st there has been:

1 trip to Ireland
2 weekends away without children
3 overseas visits from family and friends
3 large parties hosted
4 family road trips
4 CODELS ushered through Morocco
20 dinners at our house (from one family up to 12 people)
Countless trip to the beach

It was all oh so wonderful, but just thinking about it makes me tired.

And really, I should have more pictures to show from it.  (I do have some blogs yet)

Anyhow, the end of summer:

Me and my Woo on our last trip to the beach.  So many embassy families showed up this weekend that Joe took to calling it U.S. Consulate, Bouznika Beach.  
Our attempt at a family photo.  The Woo could NOT take his eyes off the water.

We had another hair cutting session with Jerry the other night at the house- just for the little boys this time. We cut J's a little too short. Upon seeing him this morning, Khadija said "He looks like soldier".  
He really loves having foam toys in his mouth right now.  Very healthy.

This photo is added mainly because I am so proud of his T-shirt.  Is that not the cutest little boy T-shirt you have ever seen?
Someone is trying to take over his brother's train table.  Also, do you SEE those eyelashes?  Kill me now.
This is a totally random photo, but I was super impressed with Joe's photography and had to share. It was taken at an old Portugese cistern in El Jadida.

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

About Today (in North Africa)

When I heard about Libya this morning, I felt something akin to when I learned of the twin towers.  No, this attack was not anywhere near on the scale of the World Trade Center, but this time it was very personal to me.  We are a foreign service family and both work at a U.S. Embassy the same region with a similar culture and no doubt at least a few extremists living around us.

My first reaction was nausea.  My second reaction was anger.  Surprisingly, it wasn't at the perpetrators of the crime, but at the people that made the video.  Yes, of course the terrorists are to blame, but what is the purpose of these types of videos?  I don't believe they are winning hearts and minds for any cause, nor are they drawing individuals to Christianity, which is supposedly one of the motivations for the makers.  It seems to me that mainly they just provoke extremists, and then the military and foreign service families pay the price.  We are the ones who live and work in these countries.  And while we choose this life, and love the job, on any average day it can be stressful navigating a Muslim culture.  When something like this happens, I then have to wonder if the Moroccans are equating me, driving down the street with my American plates, with the filmmakers.

Today I was scared.  Morocco is not my country, and while I enjoy it and love many people native to it, I don't truly know it. I was uptight today not because of a direct threat, but because something can happen at any moment, especially when people have been offended at the core of their being.

Our embassy will continue with business as usual tomorrow, while many officers will be mourning their former colleagues; everyone feeling on edge, even if they won't admit it out loud.  We will all be more attentive as we walk down the street.

But for now, I'm worn out.  And safe at home with my family.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Walk With Me

Since we have lived in Rabat, we have been thankful to attend the Rabat International Church, led by Jack Wald and his wife, Annie.  In addition to developing a sweet friendship, Annie has been mentoring me for several months.  She has walked before me in marriage, kids, and living overseas, among other commonalities.  After a career in publishing, she now writes full time.  Last week, her book on marriage was published:

Annie wrote this story for her daughters several years ago when they were engaged and getting married.  She wanted to tell them about all the ups and downs, the beautiful and the ugly of marriage, without just giving them a list.  

The story follows a couple on their journey to the King’s City. Along the way, the wisdom of God's Word is applied to their heartfelt struggles of married life, and their lives become transformed by His redeeming grace.

To be completely honest, I am only halfway through the book.  (And am loving it-clever and full of truth!) However, I have to tell you about it NOW because it is available as a FREE download this week! (And just $1.99 next week)

You can get it at AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Christian Book.

If you want to read more about the book and what people are saying about it:   
Annie, I am so thankful for you and blown away by your talent.  I heap blessings on you and this book!