Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Walk With Me

Since we have lived in Rabat, we have been thankful to attend the Rabat International Church, led by Jack Wald and his wife, Annie.  In addition to developing a sweet friendship, Annie has been mentoring me for several months.  She has walked before me in marriage, kids, and living overseas, among other commonalities.  After a career in publishing, she now writes full time.  Last week, her book on marriage was published:

Annie wrote this story for her daughters several years ago when they were engaged and getting married.  She wanted to tell them about all the ups and downs, the beautiful and the ugly of marriage, without just giving them a list.  

The story follows a couple on their journey to the King’s City. Along the way, the wisdom of God's Word is applied to their heartfelt struggles of married life, and their lives become transformed by His redeeming grace.

To be completely honest, I am only halfway through the book.  (And am loving it-clever and full of truth!) However, I have to tell you about it NOW because it is available as a FREE download this week! (And just $1.99 next week)

You can get it at AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Christian Book.

If you want to read more about the book and what people are saying about it:
Annie, I am so thankful for you and blown away by your talent.  I heap blessings on you and this book!

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