Monday, February 27, 2012

The Hil and the Hard Drive

Well, everyone has been in a tizzy around here for two weeks because of our esteemed visitor this weekend.  Even I was pulled in to help out at an event! In the end, everything went great and all are breathing a sigh of relief while having a late start this morning.

My girlfriend took this pic- it looks like I had a clear shot at her but I promise you I didn't.  I was up pretty close but her staffers were all standing in front of me.  And c'mon, you guys see her everyday!

She gave what I thought was a touching speech- this was at the family Meet and Greet at the embassy and all the children were gathered. I think she's talking to them during this picture.  And no, not my children-if we can't handle a family party at a home we certainly can't handle the Sec. of State.

And yes, I realize that it is an extremely flattering picture of me and I have NO idea why I am squinting even with my Rx sunglasses on.

In other news, our hard drive crashed last week and so we are pretty pumped to be shelling out big bucks to buy a new laptop.  Why is this news to you?  Well, it's almost impossible to blog from the ol' iPad so it may be a couple of weeks until you hear from us again.

Until then, keep it real ya'll.

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