Thursday, March 22, 2012


G boy, at three your favorites are:

Food: grilled cheese, pizza, goldfish, pancakes

TV/Movie: "Cars", "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse", "Thomas"

Time of Day: waking Woo up from his nap, Daddy coming home, Barek's arrival

People: Barek, sometimes your brother, Mommy/Daddy are at a tie right now

Activities: playing in the water, wrestling/flips with Daddy, kissing Mommy, finding shapes/numbers/colors everywhere around you, (foot) racing, running errands

Songs: ABCs.  We can't get you past this one right now.

Sayings: "Mommy/Daddy hold you", "Go for walk?", "Woo-woo down" (put J down and hold me instead), "Share?" (used when you want J to share whatever he happens to be playing with), "Talk Gran" (this is recent when you get in trouble or don't agree with a decision, usually accompanied with tears. Not sure what you think Gran can do from across the ocean...), "Go hide" (to Daddy),  and "Grasshopper, Hop, Hop, Hop"( all. day. long.  from Mickey Mouse), oh!  and you have started mimicking the call to prayer lately too.

Your least favorites: solid fruits and vegetables (except bananas), when Mommy holds your brother, when Daddy leaves to go, well, anywhere,  and insects buzzing around you.

Oh G, you are something else.  You are cuddly, yet independent, laid back, but oh, so demanding at times.  Everyday you are learning new things.  Today we threw a frisbee for the first time and you were thrilled!

We love how you throw yourself completely into everything you do, whether it be figuring out a new toy, learning a new skill (hopping currently), or falling into Mommy or Daddy's arms (you reach up as high as you can on your tiptoes before leaning forward with a huge smile on your face).

The best thing about you right now is at night when we say bedtime prayers.  If we leave someone out that we normally pray for you always let us know and we remedy the situation together.

You are so fun at 3 and we continue to love you more each day!

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