Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Heart is Full

As hard and long as this winter was, my heart continues to overflow with thankfulness and love for these three kiddos.  I have never been more tired or occupied and had a longer to-do list.  But in the middle of this season I want to remember the thoughts I am thinking of each of these precious babes.

G-money: I am always afraid of you getting bigger and growing older, and yet every new phase is more fun than the last.  You are 5 and learning so much everyday; definitely ready for Kindergarten next year.  I'm pretty sure if I sat down with you and taught you would easily learn to read.  But there is no need to rush that skill as you will have plenty of time for that in school.  For now you have all sorts of imaginative play with trains and spend hours lying next to and talking to your baby sister. We cannot believe how much of an extrovert you have become in the last few months.  You remind us of your Poppy: saying Hi! to all and making friends with everyone.  You love, LOVE to laugh and making others laugh.  I have a feeling you will want to be the comedian at school so we'll have to keep an eye on this.  Recently you don't want to hold my hand unless we are crossing the street and then always drop it when we get to the sidewalk.  This is of course sad for Mommy, but I do treasure how you still only hold one finger of mine instead of my whole hand.  Just like when your hand was only big enough to grip one finger.  And wow, you are such a great brother.  You are old enough to know that J has some special struggles and though you are desperate for him to play with you as a peer, you are so patient, loving and responsive to him when he does interact and protective of him always.  As for A, your love for her knows no bounds and you and I are definitely her "people."

Woo: You are such a beautiful boy with your big blue eyes and lashes that go on forever.  You are 3 and have come so far in the last year.  Constantly engaging us in play and always asking for more, you spend your days smiling and laughing.  When you run into my arms, eyes locked on mine, giggling, I am filled with joy.  You love school and work so hard every day.  For your age you are gone so long and I look forward to getting you off the bus at the end of the day and giving you a big hug.  We start every day with a song and when I get you out of your crib you always look deep into my eyes.  I have been so proud with how you are adapting to your sister. Recently you have been a lot more interested in her and tolerant of her cries.  You have reached for her a few times and kissed her twice. When G grabs your hand or hugs you, you mostly reciprocate and I love seeing you love each other. You have always held my entire hand, the total opposite of G, and you would be perfectly happy for us to spend hours walking hand in hand outside every day.  The warm weather pulls you outside and we always have a difficult time coaxing you back in for dinner or bath time.  

Ace: Our sweet, precious baby girl.  We never knew how badly we wanted a baby girl until we were pregnant with you.  I knew from the moment I saw the "positive" sign that you were a girl.  You are 5 months old and just darling.  Every day you wrap your Daddy a little tighter around your little finger and he has taken to calling you "my love".  G and I have a daily argument whether you are my girl or his. The first month and a half of your life you were fussy and not altogether agreeable.  However, you have learned your place as the third child (we are too busy for you to be a mess), and you are now the happiest baby.  All smiles at anyone who pays you attention, finally sleeping well and eating great. You are quite interested in your big brothers, spending more time with G, but definitely getting curious about J.  Because you will most likely be our last, I am taking the time to treasure each moment with you.  Time has gone so fast with your brothers, as I know it will with you.  I get quite emotional over you for this reason my baby, and I can't promise that this will lessen as you grow older.

I could weep over how much I love all of you and am grateful to our Lord that He has given me such sweet gifts.  I pray that I will be worthy of the calling as your Mother and that He will guide me in all I do.  

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