Thursday, May 24, 2012


You may have noticed I have been on a blog hiatus.  (I flatter myself).

Things have picked up a little whole lot since May started.

There has been an amazing, once in a lifetime, trip to Ireland for a wedding.  (There will be blog posts about it if I can find the words to describe the AWESOME).

Parents have come and watched little boys.

Newlyweds have come home with us to sleep in twin beds and hang out with toddlers (because isn't that what everyone hopes for their honeymoon?)

There has been and will be two 3-day weekend trips in Morocco.

Then we have another set of dear, dear house guests coming and another big trip.

We have no hot water in our showers.  (You may or may not remember my post about our master bathroom woes before when they re-caulked the tub as an answer to a major draining and leaking problem).

And, oh yeah, not a big deal at all, but I went back to work for the first time since G was born.

If you want to know my state of mind during this time, I will offer you just a brief glimpse into my day:  I got all the way to pre-school drop off this morning with G and then noticed that I had not put any shoes on the boy.

Just a little preview of what we've been up to:

As you can tell, Joe was the photographer most of the time.  I am having a hard time finding pics of him.

Anyhow- be back soon...ish.

p.s. Chris M.- I totally missed your birthday that has been marked on my calendar since January.  I am so sorry and hope this shout-out shows my regret.  Miss you.

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  1. **me gushing** ugh, you guys look so good!! miss you lots. love seeing photos with you in them, a.