Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Few Words Wednesday, Vol. 8

Well, it's all about the Woo this week.  Mainly because the only pictures I have of G from this week are scandalous.  That's right, we're potty training again!  Except this time it's sticking.  He has done a great job and we even had McDonald's for dinner tonight to celebrate a major event that happened today (no need for details, I think.)

Anyway, back to the Woo-

He's getting into everything...and is still refusing to walk.  He can stand for minutes on end, climb all over everything and walk with a little push toy but is adamant that he won't do it by himself.

I had a little photo shoot with him the other morning because he looked so darn cute.

Aunt Wendy, do you see Sam in this boy...and therefore Anna?  I always thought Sam was an Echols, but now I wonder....
His best "it wasn't me" look.
Too cute, this boy, too cute.
Until next time, Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Love the photo shoot! He's such a cutie pie! I'm such a sucker for little boys now. :)