Monday, August 6, 2012

Ashleigh's House of Style?

My favorite blogger, fellow Texan and Aggie, Big Mama, does a weekly Fashion Friday blog with her favorite fashion finds of the week.  As one who LOVES clothes, but doesn't always know how to put them together, this column has led me in the right direction several times. (Don't tell Joe)

Big Mama, this post is dedicated to you.

I am NOT about to give anyone fashion advice today, but I DID host a showing for an up and coming Moroccan designer a few weeks ago.  Oh yes, I felt VERY hip and cool. My friend Annalis really got the ball rolling.  She is the one who actually knows the designer, did the invitations, and plans many events for the women's diplomatic crowd in Rabat   I really wanted to show you the invitation she sent out, but alas, I think Khadija threw it away.  (But it was very official and beautiful, even though I could only read half of the French vocabulary) 

On a side note, you should know that the terms "diplomatic event" are really just key for LOTS of kissing.  As in the European style of both cheeks (not to be confused with the Eastern European style of right on the mouth).  As Texans, Joe and I most assuredly did not grow up in the world of greeting/good-byeing with the kiss.  In fact, in the past we have joked about it and how uncomfortable the whole thing would be to us.  But I am here to tell you that today we can kiss friends, total strangers, heck, even the Ambassador with the best of them.  Now don't get me wrong, it's not a free for all; there are rules.  As a woman, you kiss everyone except Moroccan men.  American males do not usually kiss each other, although the Ambassador occasionally breaks this rule, which is fine because he's the Ambassador.  Looking back now I am realizing that there are a few of our male friends that I don't think I've kissed and am not sure why (Kurt? Mark S.?) You see these same people often during the work day- definitely no kissing.  Outside of the embassy, even if there is an occasion of meeting an American on a weekend during the day this does not necessarily call for kissing, if you are meeting Europeans there will be kissing.  But by george, if there is ANY nighttime event, even AT work: KISSING.  

Now you are all prepared for a diplomatic event in Morocco.

Aaaaaaannndd back to the main reason for this post.  

The designer, Safae Ibrahimi, designs traditional Moroccan caftans (long dresses) and gandoras (short) with a modern twist.  She is, of course, young and ridiculously beautiful.  You can see some of her things here.

It was an evening of wine, chocolate, and clothes.  I mean, really.  What woman doesn't want to be a part of that?

The designer (in one of her creations) and Annalis
Trying to get the hang of this entertaining thing.

We loved that not only did the ladies come to look at the clothes but also tried them on! 

Beatriz in pink (Colombian married to Norwegian diplomat)
One of my beautiful co-workers, Ghita.

My other co-worker, Anne-Marie.  I LOVE this picture of her.  (And I also love how you can see the smokers in the background standing just outside the front door.)
This is where the modern twist comes in.  Obviously.
My dear friend Jess and I, before she left me for the summer.  Thanks for your help with the flowers!! 

Two more pictures I have to include:
Barek guarded the gate for the evening.  So handsome.

G and Joie the dog pre-party, but after they were banned from the scene.
A really fun night! Great turnout and the designer made several sales.

Ralph, Tommy, Michael: I clearly have a great venue for fashion shows and you are more than welcome.  Just let me know....


  1. Looks like a great party! You are fashionable my friend. In fact, I like the blouse you're wearing in this post very much. Where did you get it? My invite must have gotten lost in the mail, btw. But I won't hold it against you. Just remember me for your next soiree. Love you!

  2. Oooh! I love your striped green top!! Cute stuff!