Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Few Words Wednesday, Volume 12

This past weekend had a Moroccan holiday attached to it so we got 3 days off of work.  We took our new friends down to Oualidia and then spent our time passing around various illnesses between the 7 of us.  I don't think we took one picture all weekend.  Instead, today I have a few pics from other recent happenings.  

We have done a lot, ton, HUGE AMOUNT of entertaining this summer. ( I cannot over-state this) A couple of weekends ago we did a going away soiree for friends of ours that are leaving post.  We have a beautiful bar in our backyard that I used for the beverages and desserts.

I used a little food tent that I bought at our Moroccan Wal-mart equivalent for the first time.
I think the lace especially is a classy touch.
We didn't have enough seating for everyone outside, so we just brought out a couch, coffee table, ottoman, and 4 dining chairs and arranged them on the patio.  It turned out very well- so comfortable.  Of course I didn't take pictures of that.

And like I mentioned last week, J is walking.

Look at me, Joie!
That's his "so proud" face.
 To kick of the Olympics the British embassy hosted a mini-Olympic games for the diplomat community.

The British women WIPED THE FLOOR with us in Tug-of-War.  That's our DCM (#2) at our embassy at the back still in her work pantsuit.  Joe tried to teach her how to wrap the rope around her back to anchor the team, but it didn't take.  
It was all very official with cardboard rings and a bona fide podium!
Joe took silver in the soccer ball shot put.  The Dutch took the gold.  
Happy Wednesday!

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