Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lake Bin El Ouidane- Starring Baby Kase

Almost a year ago (this delayed blogging is getting out of control) some of our dearest friends, Daniel and Michelle, brought their newborn Baby Kase to Morocco.  Because of a scare early in the pregnancy, G had been praying for Baby Kase every night for months.  He was beside himself to see this baby.

I understand the obsession.  Do you SEE that hair?

Anyway, we were so thrilled that they had made such an effort to come be with us...especially with a 2 month old!

After a few days in Rabat, the adults and Baby Kase (he got some SERIOUS attention having 4 adults to himself) took off on a Groupon Getaway we had purchased earlier in the year to a 5 star resort on Lake Bin El Ouidane, a 5-6 hour drive from Rabat.  On the drive we stopped and fed baby, used hole-in-the-ground potties, prayed for Joe as he dodged every kind of crazy truck on tiny mountain roads and listened to our favorite Mat Kearney CD.  

We were rewarded with this:

I know, pretty awesome.

It was the perfect place for us.  The resort is the middle of NOWHERE; quiet, all-inclusive, with a pool and spa.  We spent our time eating, taking naps, laying by the pool and taking a few excursions.

We went to the local weekly market.

Fast food.

 And visited the Ouzoud Falls, the tallest waterfalls in Morocco.

They are beautiful, and have turned into the local Myrtle Beach, AKA tourist trap.  

You can hire one of these bad boys to row you the few yards to the falls to get sprayed.  Pretty classy!

Daniel, Michelle, and Baby Kase with our guide. He spoke French for Joe and me and Spanish for Daniel and Michelle.

The completely covered woman in this picture is standing in front of the falls getting her picture taken.  As a Westerner it makes no sense to have a picture of myself in front of anything when you can't even tell it's me, but she was thrilled!  

The boys took their own excursion one day across the lake to a property the resort owns in/on(?) a gorge.  Evidently, they had one of the best days of their lives and to this day cannot stop talking/bragging about it.

However, once we saw the pictures on the camera, we began to refer to it as Joe and Daniel's honeymoon.  You know how when you look at honeymoon pictures, everyone just has pics of themselves as a couple and each other....



It should also be noted that they enjoyed open air massages side by side that day.

And I just love this picture: walking Baby Kase to sleep before dinner.

Meanwhile G and J hung with Khadija and her kids and had the time of their lives.

Great trip.  Great friends.  We love you guys and are so honored that you came to see us.  xoxo.


  1. Let me just say... the Gorge really is the greatest spot on earth. I'll never forget my special time with Joe there.

  2. Yall look GREAT!!! Love and miss you.