Monday, March 4, 2013

3 Weeks

Well, I'm about to get a little serious here.  But just for a minute.

This is the second (and final) post about our 3 week Christmas visit with our dear Bs.  Those weeks were one of the sweetest gifts God has given me and were so treasured that it made the next month of hardship easier to swallow.  Truly.  It was a time of just living life together, easy laughter, toddler woes, and honest talks.  Oh, and lots of Spanish wine, french bread, and cheese (which I especially cherished because GAPS diet, I know you are coming for my family and me soon).

So Joe and Bets, this post is dedicated to you.  And enough of the serious.

It was a trip of great import as again, there were TWO new people.

We all got a little closer to Joe B.

Joe and I sent the other Joe and Bets on a little getaway and kept 4 toddlers for 2 nights.

It was great to really be able to spend time with E and H, especially since we love them almost as much as our own and never get to see them.  H is a snuggly little bundle who will do anything for a piece of bread (which is how I was able to cook dinner both nights) and E is a way smart, funny and CHALLENGING  4 going on 17 year old.

A conversation with E while we were watching G get in trouble over something minor and Daddy was correcting him.

E: That was disrespectful.  He needs a consequence.
Me: E, how about I worry about G and you worry about E?
E: OK.  I'll just worry about H. (her little brother)
Me: Um, no.  I think I'll worry about H too.
E: OK.  I'll just play with H.  (because she has to have the last word.)

Another gem:

At dinner:
E: Miss Ashleigh, if you will turn on the movie again after dinner, I will like you.
Me: Well E, I hope you will like me even if I don't, because I like you.
E: Yeah, I probably will.

We got to open presents.

And have lots of Daddy play time.

I kissed Betsy on the lips for the first time. (It happened shortly after this picture was taken on accident, but I am still proud as Betsy isn't exactly the touchy-feely one in the group)

And then we had one of the coolest New Years' Eve ever.  The pictures can't do it justice.

We combined our spoils from Spain and had a tapas feast in front of a fire.

And then we watched Casablanca.  Outside.

I can't remember if we actually made it to midnight.  Probably not.

Cheers to great holiday memories, the Stephensons, who made it all possible (wish you had been there),  and friends that are family.

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