Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our Little Valentine

I just don't know how these things happen so fast.

As of yesterday, A is already 3 months old.

It has been such a sweet gift to have a baby girl in the house and we have enjoyed every minute with her.  She is smiling so big and interacting with her brothers and thinks she needs to sit up tomorrow. Oh dear.

However, despite the good times with Sister, this winter has been something else.

The never-ending snow and ice days of no school.

The constant colds from adjusting back to germs in the States.

And a so sick newborn that almost has to be hospitalized.  (She has fully recovered)

Not to mention that 3 has turned out to be an awful big number of kids to Joe and I.  We really love being a family of 5, but the logistics of it all has us worn out.  I mean, they just keep wanting to eat. All of them.  Every few hours.  It never ends.  What's up with that?

Thankfully, the Lord knows when we are getting to the end of our ropes, and we have had a couple of small victories in the last few days: A has been sleeping 7 hours at night and J has been a little more cordial to his baby sister.

G was VERY into Valentine's Day this year.  He has spent all week making Valentines for, um, himself.  So we have a little work to do.  But we all agreed that Sister was the perfect Valentine.

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  1. Awww...I love your update. I hope you are doing well and starting to see some light :)