Tuesday, April 1, 2014

When You're the Third Child....

A List of Pros and Cons

Pro: Mommy and Daddy are desperate for rest from chasing my brothers all day and me being up all night, SO I'm the first child that gets in their bed.

Con: By now they are immune to the sound of crying.  So THIS happens.

Pro: One of my brothers is old enough to appreciate my awesome-ness, so I get LOTS of attention.



Con: Instead of looking at and holding me all through paternity leave, Daddy uses the time to build a shed.


Pro: Mommy is so excited to have a little girl that I get to stay up late and watch Downton Abbey after my brothers are in bed.


Con: I get dressed in blue boy clothes left over from my brothers.

Pro: Since it's been 3 years since the last baby, I am a novelty and everyone wants to hang out with me.
Even on Skype!

Con: I am not quite special enough to have my own boppy cover.

And finally,

Pro: I get to have lunch out with the ladies!

Con:  Mommy gets this text from Daddy an HOUR after we leave:

"Is A with you...because I can't find her anywhere."

Well, that makes us all feel really secure.


  1. I love that last one! I went to the store with my sister when Isabelle was about 4 or 5 months old. We did NOT bring the two boys. Got to the store, got out of the car and started walking away when my sister said, "Um . . . aren't you forgetting something?"

  2. Okay, I am DYING laughing at that last "con!" That sounds like something Josh might do. It's great when I tell him where we went during the day and he asks me "Did you take all three kids with you?" Um...no, I randomly selected one to stay home alone. Dads are so funny!