Sunday, April 12, 2015

That Time I Won

As a parent I feel it's a rare moment when you KNOW you did the right thing.  But Friday morning the score was, for once:

Mommy: 1
Grayson: 0

It actually started Wednesday when G stayed home from school.  He had quite the cough in the morning and maybe a little trouble breathing so I kept him home.  When they're sick, we let them play with the iPad or watch movies, something normally not allowed on school days.  So he spent a good part of his day doing those things, even though it was clear by noon that he wasn't that sick.  

Thursday he went to school fine.  But Friday morning, oh Friday morning, he was throwing a fit about going to school.  Kept saying he was sick.  He had a "heading" (headache).  We're talking crying, pleading, kicking, and screaming.  He had absolutely decided he was not going to school.  We spent an hour trying to figure out any other reason why he didn't want to go.  He kept playing the sick card.  We threatened him up one side and down the other. At one point Joe was trying to force his shoes on and get him out the door.  He was like a rabid animal, y'all.  Not going to happen.  The whole time Joe and I kept sneaking out of the room for little pow-wows as to what our strategy would be, second-guessing ourselves, etc.  I just wondered if he wanted to stay home to play the iPad.  SO.  We told him he could stay home, but if he did he had to stay in bed all day and sleep (since he was sooooo sick).  No screens.  This was met with horror and disbelief, but we persisted.  He made the decision to go to bed.  But I had a feeling I would be taking him to school by 10 am.  

After Joshua left for school, I walked back in the house and he was putting his shoes on.  "I'm going to go outside."  Ha.  Hahahaha.  Oh no, friend.  Back up to bed.  (Or go to school).

At approximately 9:20 he wanted lunch.  I said it was 3 hours away.  And that he still had the option to put his shoes on and go to school.  Well, he did.  We smoked him out!  And once he set aside his pride and made the decision, he was downright giddy!  Talking up a storm, playing with Baby A,  and he be-bopped right into school, happy as a clam, miraculously healed from his morning ailments!  

And just so you know, I spoke with his teacher briefly to make sure there wasn't a glaring issue at school that might be causing his reluctance to attend, and there wasn't.  

I should tell you that my mother did this to me once.  But I think I stuck it out all day, which just means my heart is even more prideful than my son.  So there's that.

And a couple of teachable moments of note this weekend since we're talking about G:

1. He informs us that he doesn't like Cheez-Its.  Um, what?  Who doesn't like Cheez-Its?  So I quoted a well known proverb to him:

"The wise man built his house upon the rock.  The foolish man did not like Cheez-Its."  

2.  "G, take off those socks.  We never, ever wear socks with our sandals."  Oh bless him.  

I thought I should give a little update on not-so-Baby A.  She is now running around.  Her favorite word is "NO!"  And doesn't that really paint the picture?

Be back Wednesday.   

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