Friday, July 29, 2016

Well, They Left Us (You'll Be back)

The Stephensons pulled out of town earlier this month.  As I processed my anger over them leaving us, Mary liked to remind me that I previously left her.  Yes. I left her in Morocco with full-time house help, a huge house and backyard, and Southern California weather.  Boo hoo.

Us then:

Oh my word, look at those little people. 

When we left them, a tradition of a good-bye performance was established. I hesitate to post this because of my cackling in the background.  It's true. I don't have a lady-like laugh.

Matt serenades us:

We never dreamed in Morocco that we would soon have two years of four doors down from each other.  Such a gift.

Us now:

Joshua's still trying to get out of Joe's arms.

We serenade them:

Perhaps the best part is the children's commentary in the background/Scout's dancing.  And Hamilton fans, did you catch the comment about King George's song?

We love you crazy Stephensons.  Come back to us soon.  

Like really soon.

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