Monday, November 28, 2016

It Isn't Fair

Well, between leaving the month of thanks and entering the Christmas season, I've been getting a little introspective.

Plus, we've had a few rough months with Joshua. We're not sure if it's his normal cycle of huge growth, then plateau, then a bit of regression, repeat, or the fact that he had a huge transition into kindergarten.  But it doesn't matter how many times the cycle plays out, we always get discouraged between times of great strides.

And I think that 2016 has been a rough year for all of us: personally and collectively.  So as the year comes to a close, I have a couple of things for all of us to think about.

Stay with me. Really.

Several months ago a friend and I were lamenting about our sons' (different) special needs and she made the comment that it's not fair that our children deal with such challenges when others don't.  And at the time I agreed. But then I sat on that for awhile and I realized that it's not.  It's not fair that I live in a country where my son has access to therapy and education tailored to his needs.  It's not fair that he was born to parents able to provide for him; grandparents that champion him and spoil him as much as possible; friends and a church family that seek to understand him and love him the way he is.  There are many, many little Moroccan Joshuas that will never have any of those things.

And then, today in church our pastor referenced the passage wherein Jesus tells the Rich Man that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven.  I've always considered myself NOT a part of that crowd; the wealthy crowd. But you know what?  I so am.  In fact, almost every person reading this is a part of that crowd.  Wealthy by American standards?  No.  But by the world's standard, I am FILTHY, DRIPPING rich.  Not only do I have a warm home and soft beds for my kids to sleep in, but they have food in their tummies, and I'll be able to buy them presents for Christmas.  I know that for you guys I don't need to list all the facts about world poverty, but if you have any doubts as to how well off you are, go visit

So, yeah, that isn't fair either.

(I'm not going to go into all of the spiritual implications of the fact that I AM the rich man trying to get into heaven in this post.)

It's pretty much the same call we hear every year from spiritual and secular sources alike: Be Thankful! Tis the Season to Give! Jesus is the Reason for the Season! I guess I want to challenge each of you to look for the wealth in your own life, even when you're struggling month to month. Look for the thing in your life that isn't fair...(not "it isn't fair that I don't have a bigger house", but "it isn't fair that I have health insurance and others don't")

Will this make me a better person?  Not quite. But hopefully little by little during this Christmas season, I will dwell less on myself and the things I want, and more on Christ and serving others.

And you know, it would bless me so, so much if you would comment (on Facebook) the reason your life isn't fair.

P.S. Full disclosure, I totally don't have the upper hand on this situation of being thankful and not wanting more. After I watched our town's tree lighting the other night, I ducked into J.Crew's 40% off sale to buy not just a Christmas present for Joe, but a couple of things for myself.  (Would I be admitting this if not caught by the Borkholder family right outside the door?  Not sure.)

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