Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hunting and Gathering, Part 2

Well, I am happy to report that the grocery stores and I are getting along much better.  Although, I will say it still makes me uneasy to bag my groceries while the cashier sits and stares at me.  Of course, tonight Joe let it slip that the female cashiers help him bag his things.  Through word of mouth and my own trial and error I have found the places I prefer.  Of course this means a separate place for each of the following: general groceries and some meat products, produce except for lettuce, lettuce, the rest of the meat products, and then of course our embassy commissary for the American specialty products.  There are two things that cannot be obtained here under normal circumstances and we have been shocked to find how often we use them: cheddar cheese and lime.  We substitute for the time being and I am becoming very good friends with lemons.

Remember me vs. the grocery carts around here?  Well, lo and behold yesterday I discovered THIS.

Beautiful and a dream to pull around the store.  Yes, it requires careful placement of some items so as not to crush others, but it is more than worth it, especially in the pride department.

I have done surprisingly well in the area of animal carcasses.  In times past it has always freaked me out to see the dead chickens, pigs, and other eatables hanging around in markets (like in Chinatown).  But God has given me grace and they don't bother me anymore.  And good thing, because when I walk up to the butcher counter in the nice grocery store, the entire cow is laying there, minus skin, being taken apart.  The only thing that truly unnerves me is cow tongue.  (I am assuming it is cow)  I turned the corner the other day and there in the display case, laid out like a snake, was a 2.5 ft long, 5 inch wide, black and white thing.  It took me a minute to realize what it was.  Oh dear me that thing gave me the willies.  Remember the Cosby episode with the cow tongue?  Yeah, it looked nothing like that.  That tongue was child's play. Thankfully, there weren't any in stock yesterday, the entire leg/hoof combo of the cow replacing them.  I can handle those much better.

Well, I can't promise you won't hear about any more of my grocery shopping woes, but I think that's plenty for now.

Hope you all are enjoying fall and have a pumpkin spice latte for me today!

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