Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Lady Who Lunches

Wikipedia says that ladies who lunch are "slim, well-off, old-monied, well-dressed women who meet for social luncheons, usually during the working week. Typically, the women involved are married and non-working. Normally the lunch is in a high-class restaurant, but could also take place in a department store during a shopping trip. Sometimes the lunch takes place under the pretext of raising money for charity. Often times, the women simply gossip about trivial and frivolous things."  

I first noticed these ladies while out with my mom and G for lunch a couple of years ago at Northpark mall, located in the toniest part of Dallas and with great places to lunch and pick up a few things at Gucci.  I told mom that G's and my goal in life would now be becoming "Ladies Who Lunch".  We're not really interested in the gossiping part and won't be old-monied, but who doesn't want to get dressed and meet their friends for lunch every day?*

As it happens, I have French class 3 days a week at the embassy around lunch time.  Just down from the embassy is the American Club which not only houses a great playground and small commissary, but a restaurant.  The food is decent, some things more than others, the prices very reasonable and sometimes they even have cheddar cheese!  Plus, the atmosphere is nice and you can sit outside most of the year.  So, while I don't lunch with other ladies, I do get to have regular lunch dates with my boyfriend Joe.  And yesterday he pointed out that I am now a "lady who lunches".  

Outside at the American Club

Joe's drink of choice, sweet mint iced tea.
And they always bring my Coke with a fancy glass

G and J have been included on a few of these lunches, but as you can imagine, they aren't quite as relaxing as without children.  J inevitably needs a nap and starts his trademark "I'm tired" screech and G is too busy trying to drag us over to the playground to eat.  So for now we can enjoy breakfast and dinner with the boys at home and Mommy can be a lady who lunches.

*Please note that this is not my ultimate goal in life and obviously not even an important one. If at all.

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