Monday, October 3, 2011

Well, We Cheated

I promise I am in the middle of writing several authentic-ish posts about Morocco, but am waiting for some accompanying pics, etc.  In the meantime, I thought I'd tell you about yesterday.

We spent it at a 5 star luxury resort.

And so we had a very decidedly un-Moroccan day by stepping into a ideal world where everything is ridiculously beautiful, clean, and works correctly.  Only 2 and a half weeks in, we cheated.

But oh, it was wonderful.  It being the Sofitel Rabat.  The nicest hotel in Rabat is actually out towards the suburbs instead of downtown so it's only 10 minutes down the road from us.  For a hefty price you can buy a membership for year round access to all of the hotel's amenities (pools, gym, spa, hammam, etc). Some friends/colleagues of ours are members and invited us to join them for the day.  I feel like we have had the privilege of staying at some really nice hotels in the past, even a couple of 5 stars, but this place really takes the cake.  It would be amazing to become members, but we are partial to stuff like, you know, EATING.

It was a perfect day with a high of 80 degrees and we laid around, swam, and enjoyed the scenery.  OK, well, Joe and G swam.  J napped.  I was available for a post-swim cuddle. 

This property has all of the cabanas and fancy lounges that you see pictures of in travel magazines but have never actually experienced.

You can buy day passes to spend at the hotel, so this will probably become somewhat of an oasis for Joe and me whenever we get the chance, er, scrounge up the money.  (Boys, I love you, but you can't yet appreciate the glory that is the Sofitel)

However, boys, you were wearing matching jammies last night and oh, the cuteness!

Talk soon-


  1. Hey, this looks identical to my first blog post in Ethiopia. I promised myself that when things got too "foreign," I would go to the local Sheraton (5 star also), play in the pool, and order American burgers. And it kept me sane from time to time. I LOVE what you are doing. PS- your boys look like twins. :)

  2. Oh, sweet J sucks the same 2 fingers as Shelby! Looks like yall had fun pretending to be on American soil! Miss you all ready! Can't wait to se posts of what your real life is like there. Love you all.

  3. Oh, sweet J sucks the same 2 fingers as Shelby! Looks like you guys had fun soaking up the sun & pretending to be on American soil! Can't wait to see posts of what your life is really like there! Miss & love you all!