Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Before I had children I was disdainful of the drive-thru.  I figured that if you are going to stoop to eating fast food, the least you can do is get out of your car and walk in to order.  (Unless you are eating at Sonic, which by the way, I fully support) After moving to our snobby town in Northern Virginia these ideas were reinforced- only 3 restaurants given the zoning to have a drive thru.

Oh, how the high and mighty are humbled.

As soon as I had that baby back there in the car seat I realized the absolute beauty of the drive-thru.  As he grew older and we added another friend in the back I loved those lanes even more.  When we finally gave in to McDonald's french fries because our child had been on hunger strike for the better part of two years, but found out that he was always ready to eat those, I became a REGULAR drive-thru-er.

For the most part we have been thankful to not have fast food options available to us in Morocco.  Joe and I have both lost weight without even trying and we eat better when Chick-fil-a and Chipotle aren't staring us in the face.  Of course when I'm out with the hungry kids, heading home, not knowing what to make for lunch, it has crossed my mind that it would be nice to be able to swing through somewhere in the car.  I have been here more than 2 months and didn't know that this was actually a POSSIBILITY.

I have no idea why any of my fellow mom friends didn't fill me in on the McDonald's drive-thru at Marjane!!!!  Honestly, is this some kind of new mom to post initiation?  Let her suffer until she hears a rumor randomly somewhere and rushes over to sniff it out?  Really!

Not that I'm a huge fan of McDonald's per se.  But my big boy LOVES french fries...and so does his mama.  Before we left the states he knew when we went through a drive-thru that he was going to get his beloved french fries.  However, he couldn't say the words yet so there was a lot of "uh,uh,uh" from the back seat.  But today, when we pulled away from the line and I told him we had french fries he got so excited and kept saying, "french fries, french fries!"  Such a fun moment for me.  Oh, and I made sure the fries were actually in our car before I mentioned them- I just knew I would get him all excited about fries and the McDonald's guy would say, "Sorry Madame, we do not have french fries today."  (Because that's how things roll around here).

Anyhow, pulling through that drive-thru a few hours ago was a pretty great 5 minutes.  Go Morocco and go McDonald's!

G enjoying the goodness

They even have the old-school Happy Meal boxes!

J got to try one too.

Here's your bonus picture.  This was heading out to the party mentioned in my previous post.  You know, the one that got J banned from parties for life?  Or at least the next few months.  Didn't things look so promising?

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  1. Yay for pictures! G looks more and more like his Daddy - if that's possible! And J is definitely starting to look more like you. I miss those boys!