Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Week

(Because don't you want to read every detail about our week?)

We are in the middle of national election season here in Morocco.  And it's a little complicated.  But don't worry there are only 33 different political parties running against each other so I'm sure you'll get it in no time!  Since Joe works at the embassy, the elections have pretty much taken over our lives. We thought that after a month plus of late nights, meetings, visitors, etc that he would be done with his duties by Friday evening.  (The elections are the day after Thanksgiving) We even went so far as to plan a big post-election party for Saturday and send out invites. And then we found out the next day that in fact he would not be done with his election work until late Saturday evening.  Right.  Thankfully, all of our invitees are either embassy or military families and they know ALL about last minute changes.  (Especially those military mamas.  Whew!).  Anyway, here is a little glimpse at how the rest of our week went.

Every Monday I teach a two hour English class to 5 Moroccan six year olds.  These kids learn Arabic and French at home, go to a Spanish school and then come to me for their fourth language.  Sounds just like the States, right? On Monday I also continued my quest to find meat for sale in the city that wasn't lamb.  There was literally one little piece of beef that I snatched up at the butcher.  (But really, who cares?  I have cheddar!)

I can't remember Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Morocco hosted a meeting of the Arab League here in Rabat, which evidently was a big deal in the news.  Of course, all that meant for us was an insane amount of black Mercedes outside the Foreign Ministry building clogging up the streets.  Still not sure what those drivers do all day as they patiently waited.  Networking, maybe?  Just kidding.  The other exciting part of Wednesday was that I went running for the first time since we moved.  What's that, Ashleigh?  After your big blog post in June about hitting the trail again, you haven't been running in over 2 months?  Yes.  And it's actually been closer to 3.  I haven't been able to join a gym yet because they think they want to charge me $100/month- all up front for a year AND because it is always an intense language experience for me and the salesperson trying to communicate the information back and forth.  Anyhow!  There is a new wife on the block and she likes to run too so we went to the big city park and ran.  Not together.  Oh, no.  She is about 5'10, runs like a gazelle, and has done a full and a half marathon in the last year.  I'm just a big tangle of spindly limbs.  She did lap me once, so at least for a few yards we were running together.

I can't even go into Wed. night, Thursday, and most of Friday because I am still in shock of those days with my little friend J.  Oh dear he has developed the most terrible screech.  It used to just be when he was tired.  And then tired and hungry.  And then tired and hungry and separation anxiety.  But now, it's just all the time.  And after Friday night he has blown his chance at going to parties that even children are invited to.  It's that bad.  We'll try and take him out again when he starts elementary school.

And then today, Saturday.  Glorious Saturday.  We finally made it down to Casablanca to visit some AGGIE friends, sans children.  Scott and I participated in the same ministry during college and Diana and I ran in the same group of friends.  In theory, Casablanca is only an hour away...or 60 miles.  We got there 2 hours later thanks to traffic and had a wonderful lunch.  We talked and talked and laughed,  and it was SO good because we get each other.  That is a real comfort when you are far from home.  Then we got to stop in Zara and Zara Home, and oh by the way Hope, ZH was such a disappointment.

This is Scott and Diana.  They are pretty great and will probably make more appearances on the blog.
Still trying to get a blog up about driving here.  But really there are no words.  Or too many words.  I can't decide.  But soon.

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  1. I just want you to know that I'm reading your blog and keeping up with you guys. I'm so impressed with all of your adventures...I just can't imagine having the same adventures with such an open mind. Love ya!