Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Pretty catchy title, eh?

Today was spent taking a few pics of the boys to post on here because some of the Moms are getting a little antsy, si vous plait, and I aim to please!

Recently J has been trying his darnedest to crawl, mostly just scooting backwards and rocking on hands and knees.  I will enjoy this for as long as possible.  He is also still eating everything in site and getting over his first cold.

Couldn't seem to get a good picture of J today.  Probably because I had to use my phone for a camera.  Aunt Wendy, do you see what he' s playing on? 

G is now the proud owner of and sleeper in a BIG BOY BED!

He is really loving our yard, having all the toys here and the "bas-keek-ball hoop".

Here he is kissing a picture of Hank that he found while we were unpacking.

After French class today it was time to go forage for some more food for the fam.  The post-Eid pickings at the grocery store proved slim and my vegetable stand was still closed, BUT(!!!),
OH MY HEAVENLY STARS DO YOU SEE WHAT THIS IS?!!!!! (If I could find any way to make that sentence more dramatic, I would)

Cheddar cheese, my friends.  C.h.e.d.d.a.r., I say!  I had been told that on VERY rare occasions it will show up randomly here and there and TODAY was the day.  It took all that was in me not to buy (and freeze) everything they had.  As it was, I bought about a fifth and spent $29.  Worth every dirham.  The guy could see how happy I was and sliced off a bit for me to eat right there.  And friends, I am a little embarrassed to say it, but I kid you not, I got a little teary. (I don't know if this means I am emotional, I am homesick, or I just love cheddar that much.  Probably the latter.)  And then I told the man, "C'est tres bon! Je pleur!" Which means, "It is so good, I cry!"  Because I am not sure how to say,"I could cry." And then he chuckled with a slightly scared look in his eye.  (What is wrong with this lady?!")

There were two other major succeses at the grocery store today:

1. I ventured down the flour aisle AND actually bought some.

I was trying to get wheat flour and since wheat bread is "pain complete" I figured by buying "farine complete" I was buying wheat flour.  Nice logic, Ashleigh, but no.  It translates to "wholemeal" flour, so it is "strong" as Khadija (my housekeeper) says and coarse.  We'll see what happens when I use it!

2. The cashier actually helped me bag some of my groceries! I try to go to the same one each time and I have been speaking to her in French as much as possible and Voila! I now get assistance.

All in all, a good day.  (Even though my toddler had his own Chernobyl when he got up from his nap.  What can you do?)

p.s.  You might have noticed the new fancy button at the top right of the blog.  Pretty much all of my favorite bloggers that I read on a daily basis are on the same Compassion trip to Equador.  Click the picture to link to their posts.  


  1. I always love reading your posts. What great adventures you guys are having! Can't believe how big J looks!! And so much hair. I can't show M or he will be jealous. :) Love that pic of G in his big-boy bed. What a big step. One day I will blog again. Maybe M will have hair by then. :)

  2. thank you- thank you- thank you!!!