Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Few Words Wednesday, Vol. 4

So desperate for him to eat that if he wants to eat in a box, he gets to eat in a box.  
 Who would've thought I would find this scene in a house of six 20 yr. old guys?!  (Marines)

This in an all too often occurence: curtains not only on the back and REAR windows, preventing the driver from a visual out the back, but also curtains on the front windows, passenger and driver side.  I will NOT be shocked the day I see a curtain across the windshield. (Don't worry, I'm not adding to the driving mayhem.  I took this at a stoplight.)

First day in a cute summer outfit.  Be still my heart.
I did NOT tell him this is a pool.  After I stripped him down because his clothes were soaked, he took it upon himself to take a dip.

We're working on this again.

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  1. Love, Love, Love this post! And yes, we are also desperate enough to let Kate eat where she wants. Strawberries for supper... again.