Sunday, April 8, 2012


Well ya'll, I can't say that I have ever been a part of anything "Sunrise".  I am not the early bird and I do not get the worm.  So it will come as a shock to many of you who know me well that Joe and I attended our church's Easter Sunrise Service this morning.  I got up at 4:45 (!). Heretofore I didn't even know what 4:45 looked like.
The tall building is the neighborhood mosque.

But I picked a great event to break the streak.  It was held on a hillside outside of the Rabat Chellah overlooking the river valley.  The Chellah is a complex of Roman ruins that are located right across the street from the Embassy. It was a beautiful, peaceful time of singing, scripture, and reflection.  And the view was amazing.

And even though it was cold and I couldn't feel my bottom once we stood back up, it was totally worth it.

Our pastor and the worship leader.

Entrance to the Chellah

Swallowing my pride and showing you a picture with no make-up.
We had left the kids at home snug in their beds.  The End.

Just kidding.  Khadija (our helper) and her kids had spent the night with us so we could go to the service.  

I should also mention that I didn't even go back to bed once we got home at 6:30. (!)

Anyhow, once the kids got up we celebrated with Easter baskets.  (Thanks Gran for the supplies!!)

The basket in the middle was for Khadija's kids.  

Later in the morning we hosted a brunch for a few families.  I'll probably post pics of that later.  But I had to show this one to you now:

This is the amazingly creative fruit bunny that my friend Jamie brought .  (Local friends, I know none of you are surprised by this information.) And to quote our friend James, "Well played, Jamie.  Well played."

And then we tried to get a family picture.  This is BY FAR the best one, so you can tell how that went.  

After naps (everyone) we went to a potluck dinner with people from our church. Our time was spent chasing toddlers while everyone else sat and sipped wine, ate, and talked.  Such is the life right now.  And at least we now know that G can really go for a backyard hammock.  

We haven't actually done our Easter egg hunt yet because G was under the weather most of the weekend.  So hopefully that action and more pictures of the boys in their darn cute outfits will happen later this week. 

But all in all, a great Easter for Team D.  

He is risen!

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