Friday, July 6, 2012

Oh Oualidia, My Oualidia

(This post continues our month long run of travels/visitors. I think this was Memorial Day weekend.)

Joe and I found our paradise last month.  Her name is Oualidia (pronounced wuh-lidea).  We had been hearing about her since last September- a quiet, clean, relaxing beach town.  Perfect for kids.  Not too far, great for the money and picture perfect- white buildings, blue accents.

This pic came from the web.  I would give credit, but it is posted to so many places that there is no telling where it began.

Even though that weekend could have been our one free weekend of 5 crazy weekends in a row, we were not about to miss out on the last opportunity to go away with our sweet B family before they moved back to the States.  (And Es, we obviously wanted to spend time with ya'll, too!)

So the same crew from Azrou (that's kind of catchy) headed 3 hours south for a 3 day weekend-o-fun.

I can't say that our family was at our best.  Joe and I were exhausted and J was sick, I think.  Maybe teething?  I don't know.  But he was a hot mess (except when Mary was playing with him- you're the best, girl!) However, we still had a blast and will be heading down a couple more times this summer.

Said crew.  J was so upset with the state of his life,  he wouldn't even look at the camera.
The accommodations alone are worth the trip.  Each family rented a 3 bedroom condo (three!!), which means there were no shifty sleeping arrangements.  Also, we were able to do just about all our meals at home, which is wonderful in a country that doesn't serve dinner until 8 pm.
View from condo
View of condos from the beach.
In the evenings, you go down to the beach and haggle with fishermen over the day's catch.  Then they grill it up for you.  It's not cheap, but it is delicious!!
Matt and Brent sampling the first night's dinner.
The second night we took a boat ride to a deserted beach where the kids played while a fishermen cooked fish and lobster for us.  But first, they prepared fresh oysters and moroccan salad.  This was my first time tasting oysters, and I did so on a piece of bread.  I can't say they complete me, but they were edible. The entire evening was absolutely wonderful.  So relaxing, good food, great company.  (And J was acting decent.  Again, thanks Mary!)

The beach in Oualidia is nice because it is partially a lagoon, which makes it easy for the kids.  Also, when the tide is out, there is a huge island sandbar with tidal pools and all manner of things to explore.  

Again, the black magic beach mat.  There were 3 families on it that day.  And you can see there is still room!
Joe's first surf lesson.
The surfers (and friends).  

Thanks Bs and Es for another great weekend.  And Oualidia, we'll see you soon.

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